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PORL DEVILLE of Zephyr Timbre renown tells JADE PHAM about an interesting little project called LIQUID [WAX].

Over the past six years Porl DeVille has shared the stage with great acts like Jamiroquai, Moby, Spearhead, Nelly Furtado, and Blackalicious as part of Zephyr Timbre. So why is he being offered gigs at weddings and parties? Liquid [wax] is the answer. Porl and another former member Manta Ray have combined forces in a stylish, soulful, trip-hop duo aptly named Liquid [wax]. “We related to the word ‘liquid’ because a lot of our work is smooth, even our faster songs have chilled downbeats. There are different connotations for ‘wax’, like candle wax dripping, and it’s also another term for records. We tend to go for a lot of that crunchy vinyl sound but with an added smoothness to it. Hence, the Liquid [wax].”

Smooth is exactly what comes to mind when enjoying the sensual sounds of Liquid [wax]. Manta Ray’s jazz-influenced vocals combined with Porl’s refined talent with electronic funk create an atmospheric mood that exudes class. It’s no wonder they are being offered gigs at events as well as their residency at the Sunbar. The live performance involves vocals, guitar, keyboards and beats with the duo kicking back and playing freeform jams with their favourite tunes.

Zephyr Timbre fans will be happy to know the ZT electro-funkiness has not been completely abandoned for more chilled ambient sounds. Liquid [wax] is a sideline project used to keep up the duo’s high standard of live performance. Their primary project is My Ninja Lover, a trio involving producer/bassist Chris Buckridge.

“Basically, my bickies are in the My Ninja Lover project. I’m very excited about it. It’s at a point where some of our ideas just need the icing on the cake to become complete - so we’ll be out there performing some new original stuff real soon.”
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