When a unique and delectable sonic atmosphere needs to be created, Liquid [wax] Live is what you want. Think of sparkling soul, nu-jazz and EDM tunes blended with live female vocals and instrumentation and you’re starting to slide into it…

Manta Ray and Porl DeVille - former members of acclaimed Brisbane bands Zephyr Timbre and My Ninja Lover - realised that few acts are delivering a live show featuring the sort of current, beat-laden, elegant tunes that the club generation have grown with. Manta (vocals) and Porl(guitar/synth/DJ) have taken their considerable music experience and put together an eclectic library of favourite jams including many of the tracks that have influenced their original creations.

With the optional addition of extra musicians on percussion, brass and keyboards, Liquid [wax] Live can be specifically moulded to cater for your bar, club, corporate event, dinner party, wedding or anything that requires a subtly enticing mood… Performing a set that fluctuates from downbeat bliss to invigorating house rhythms, Manta and Porl put in the extra care and effort it takes to make sure the music - as well as the mood - interweaves in a dynamic fashion.

Undeniably polished, Liquid [wax] Live will add a substantial ambience to your event that will make it stylish and memorable – light the flame and the[wax] will flow…


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